The label

The whole complex system of wine classifications and their denomination can be found in the field of labeling.

Uncork a bottle of wine

Depending on whether a still wine, a sparkling wine, or an aged red is to be served, it will be necessary to open the bottle in as many different ways.

Decanting a wine

Decanting a wine, or pouring it delicately into a carafe or decanter, is a desirable operation especially in the case of aged red wines, which tend to strip of color over the years and form the deposit.

Refinement and aging of wine

Refinement and aging of wine.

After the fermentation of the grapes and once the various steps of clarification and stabilization have been completed, the wine needs time to mix its components well.  The wine aging process changes, at times drastically, depending on the product in question, the grapes used to produce it, and the intended use of it. 

The growing of the vine and the phases of the moon.

Reliable in the contemporary age, dominated by science and research, as it was in the times of grandparents and ancestors, the moon calendar is full of suggestions relating to the cultivation of the vine and is observed by the new generations of winemakers.

A welcoming wine cellar almost like a nest.

A home wine cellar is a piece of the home where family and friends can spend pleasant hours.  Even a forgotten little place where to store your favorite wines can get warm and intimate.  Working for a functional and protected cellar is a pleasure: do it yourself.

The common vine: the adaptability of the Vitis Vinifera



Vitis vinifera (the common vine) adapts to everything and tolerates almost everything: it recovers after periods of drought, very hot summers, frosts ... but there is a limit to the cold beyond which, when the buds appear, serious damage can occur.  This limit is -15°C: therefore we are not talking about spring frosts, but about a prolonged freezing climate, however, a rather rare event.  In any case, at -10°C the problems for white berried grapes begin.  It should be considered that with very low temperatures the greatest damage occurs in the valley, because the hills and the foothills enjoy the temperature range.  The vine needs adequate heat, in correspondence with each vegetative phase. 

Protect wine: the important choice of cork.

The extraordinary qualities of structure, malleability, and flexibility of the cork make the cork the real lung of the wine, which is no longer suffocated in its cell. The choice of the cap’s right material, especially for the high-quality wines is a priority.

Introduction to the history of wine.

The cultivation of the vine: a millenary human effort.

A series of circumstances linked to the earth and climate unfolded in an infinite series of combinations: a biological factor, the grape variety, which fits into this context and opens the doors to other infinite series of combinations.