A home wine cellar is a piece of the home where family and friends can spend pleasant hours.  Even a forgotten little place where to store your favorite wines can get warm and intimate.  Working for a functional and protected cellar is a pleasure: do it yourself.

There is no good wine without a good cellar.  Bottled wine feels the influence of the environment and continues to live.  Yet even today in our homes the cellar and especially the wine cellar is rarely rationally arranged and the needs of the wine are often ignored and the arrangement is casual.  Let’s point out the best solutions to the various situations and individual possibilities.  It seems useful to us, to enumerate the ideal characteristics of a winery: 

1. underground: your personal wine nest must be located underground, facing North (possibly in or toward a hilly area), with a constant temperature of 12-15 degrees, away from the heating system or isolated from it;  2. dry: the wine room must be dry but not excessively dry: on the one hand the humidity would favor the onset of mold in the corks, on the other hand, an excessive dryness would dilate its pores, favoring the oxidation of wine;  3. quiet: the wine cellar must be in a place far from road or railway stations;  4. isolated: the room dedicated to your beloved wines must only be used to house wine, and not to store other foodstuffs, such as cheeses, fruit, cured meats, which with their aroma would compromise the natural characteristics of the wine;  5. clean: the wine space must be perfectly clean and free of any kind of insects, and have white painted walls;  6. light: the wine room must not be completely dark, but wine must rest in a natural penumbra, barely illuminated by a high window.

Source: Editoriale, Domus, Il Vino in casa